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What distinguishes Stopa Law Firm from other law firms? 

Fair Billing = Long-term relationships.  If you're facing a legal dispute over money, you need candid advice.  What are your chances of winning a lawsuit?  How much will it cost to litigate?  How long will the case take?  Can you recover your attorneys' fees if you win?  If you prevail, can you collect the money you're owed?  Given the answers to these questions, is it better to settle out of court or litigate?  Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers are less than forthright with these issues.  Instead of giving an honest assessment of a client's case, many lawyers will over-state the merits of the client's case and run up a big bill, knowing it will be months or even years before the client realizes the case was not a slam dunk.  
At Stopa Law Firm, we'll give you candid advice from the outset.  If your case has weaknesses, we'll tell you.  If we think it's better to settle than to litigate, we'll let you know.  Counseling clients in this manner may cost us fees in any given case, that's true.  But our clients value our honest advice and invariably come back to our firm for all their legal needs.  At Stopa Law Firm, we value these long-term relationships far more than the fees in any given case.  Our goal is to resolve your dispute as quickly and inexpensively as possible (so you'll come back to our firm and refer others), not to milk you for every dollar.   
For an example that everyone can relate to, please read about our mortgage foreclosure defense strategies here.  Some of these strategies are not unique, that's true.  But our billing methods sure are.  To illustrate, other lawyers charge their clients an expensive retainer plus hundreds of dollars every month a foreclosure lawsuit is pending.  Often, these lawyers do no work at all in a given month yet charge the same monthly rate.  At Stopa Law Firm, we don't believe in such practices.  We charge a low, one-time fee to defend your foreclosure lawsuit (with no monthly charges added on).  We only bill for the work we perform on your case.  Call us crazy, but why should we get paid to do nothing?  If your case is idle, we think you should keep your money, and use it to get back on your feet, not pay it to a lawyer.  
Personal Attention. 

  Avoids the "good ole' boy" network.  Do you want a lawyer who is unwilling to be aggressive, to your detriment, because he/she is friends with opposing counsel and does not upset him/her?  This might not sound like a big problem in our legal system, but it is (so much so that Stopa Law Firm labels the problem the "good ole' boy network").  Lots of lawyers, particularly older lawyers, love to socialize together - at bar functions, social gatherings, country clubs, the gym, etc.  In many cases, these lawyers have been friends for 20-30 years.  Time and time again, Stopa Law Firm has seen these lawyers refuse to aggressively assert a client's position to avoid upsetting opposing counsel.   Often, these lawyers have more allegiance to opposing counsel (their friend) than their client.    

At Stopa Law Firm, we don't fall into this trap.  Stopa Law Firm does not socialize with opposing counsel.  That may sound odd, but avoiding such relationships is one way that Stopa Law Firm can assure you that he will do everything possible to win your case and that he won't pull any punches for any reason (e.g. because he's friendly with opposing counsel).  Quite simply, at our firm, your case will not be prejudiced by our friendships.


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