UPDATE: Mark Stopa and three clients of Stopa Law Firm were profiled on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on July 10, 2010.

More Aggressive & Less Expensive

Lots of law firms say they provide zealous representation for their clients.  Many times, though, those lawyers don't want to help the typical Floridian - they only want to represent banks, insurance companies, or other rich and powerful members of society.  How does that help you

At Stopa Law Firm, we strive to provide aggressive, affordable representation for everyone.  Since 2008, we've represented hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure, battling banks that reject loan modifications and so often seem to only want one thing - to evict people from their homes.  Our cutting-edge foreclosure defense strategies have been repeatedly profiled in the media, even on a national level.  All the while, we've consistently charged a small, one-time fee (unlike most of our competitors), hoping to make our services affordable to all Floridians, even those facing foreclosure.  At Stopa Law Firm, "more aggressive, less expensive" isn't just something we advertise on our website - it's something we strive to achieve for every client, every day.   

The firm's founder, Mark P. Stopa, has represented Plaintiffs and Defendants, in a variety of legal disputes, from inception through appeal, for nearly a decade.  His cases have run the gamut from complex, eight-figure lawsuits to less complicated, county court cases and everything in between.  Whether it's small business owners or homeowners facing foreclosure, Stopa Law firm treats all clients how we'd want to be treated.   

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